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M106 - Black & Blue - Unisex
M106 - Black & Blue - Unisex
M106 - Black & Blue - Unisex

M106 - Black & Blue - Unisex

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Size: 52-16-140

Trust Optics FeatherView Classic Style Anti UV Anti Glare Anti Harmful Blue Light Eyestrain Relieving Computer Eyewear Video Gaming Glasses in Blue Black Frame

Our eyes are the window to the world. Every day, we endlessly view and process information:working 9 to 5 in front of a computer screen, scrolling through our phones, catching up with our favorite show on TV, reading on a tablet, or battling it out on gaming devices. What do all of these digital devices have in common? They all emit blue light, which can be harmful to our eyes over time.

What is blue light?
Blue light has the strongest frequency of the visible spectrum, right next to UV light. Its short wavelength and high frequency make it highly penetrative, able to reach as far back as the retina in your eyes. This can cause digital eyestrain, headaches, dry eye, fatigue, and even insomnia.

Cut the blue light with Trust Optic’s BluGuard Lens Technology
Trust Optics worked with ophthalmologists to create their BluGuard lens technology: a proprietary amber lens treatment that reduces high frequency blue light, UV light, and glare emitted from many digital devices. BluGuard decreases eyestrain, reduces headaches, and improves your sleep cycle, which also means increased productivity at the office and more time to relax with your favorite devices.

Fashionable and Functional FeatherView Frames
The BluGuard lens technology is coupled with our FeatherView frames, which are only made with high quality and lightweight materials. Our glasses do not compromise on comfort or style.FeatherView frames are functional, professional, and available in a wide variety of modern and sleek designs.

Safeguard your eyes, alleviate the digital eyestrain, and feel the difference today with TrustOptics Computer Glasses.